How To Update Xiaomi Redmi 2 to MiUI 7

Beda HP -- As it is known that Xiaomi provides updates for Smartphone Redmi 2 to MIUI 7. MIUI 7 is Android operating system has the advantages of its predecessor, namely MIUI 6. In the previous articles have discussed Excess MIUI In OS Xiaomi here Kelebihan MiUI Pada OS Xiaomi. Now we will discuss about how to update Xiaomi Redmi 2 to MIUI 7. Please follow step by step the following: 

1. Download Files
The first step to do the update Xiaomi Redmi 2 to MIUI 7 is to download the files needed. Please download this file here MiUI

2. Move to SD Card File Download
The next step you should do is move the file that you downloaded to the SD Card. Although in the internal memory could be to put the files, but will be more secure if it is placed on the SD Card. Once the file is placed in the SD card, rename the file into "" (without the quotes).

3. Open the Settings
After you successfully rename the file into "", the next step please open the menu Settings => About Phone => System Update (bottom), then click on the top corner, then select => Updates package, then you select the “Update” earlier. After that, you just wait for it to finish and your android smartphone will go into recovery mode automatically. Finish!

4. Excess Update How to Use It
Xiaomi excess Redmi 2 if you update to MiUI 7 using this method does not remove applications that you have installed on your android smartphone. In addition, using this update method will make your data remains secure, such as contacts, messages, etc.

5. Excess update to MiUI 7
Xiaomi Smartphone Redmi 2 you will be more responsive. In addition, the home screen of your Android smartphone will be more fresh. Not only that, the new feature will also be enjoyed on MiUI 7 this. So wait no more, let your update MiUI 6 to MiUI 7.

Thus the article How To Update Xiaomi Redmi 2 to MiUI 7. Hopefully this post useful for users of Xiaomi, especially Xiaomi Redmi 2. If you want to make suggestions, please comment in the space provided.

NOTE: "do with your own risk." That is, you should be ready with all the possibilities that will occur on your android smartphone. The authors are not responsible if your smartphone is having problems.

Additional info 
Xiaomi Redmi 2 is the latest version of Redmi Xiaomi Xiaomi smartphone Redmi 1. In the second generation, there are many changes that better. The most visible change is the display body bright Xiaomi smartphone Redmi 2. The casing is almost similar to Xiaomi Mi 4 which looks very elegant. Improvements casing on Xiaomi Redmi 2 will make you interested in buying a smartphone this medium class.

In addition to the chassis, the addition of speed in processing of data is also an advantage of this smartphone. If the Xiaomi Redmi 1 using 32 Bit processor, Xiaomi Redmi 2 using 64 Bit processor speed. With 64 Bit processor speed, you do not need to worry in running various applications or games on your android smartphone. For those of you who have already bought Xiaomi Redmi 1, you should exchange with Xiaomi Redmi 2, hehehe just kidding.

Another advantage possessed by Xiaomi Redmi 2 that could update to MiUI 7. Many Xiaomi smartphone users wanting to try the most famous interface is responsive. In addition to responsive, MiUI 7 also looks very fresh in your eyes, so you will not get bored if your pet uses the smartphone. Wait no more, for those who do not have please buy Xiaomi smartphone Redmi 2 now.

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